Tax investigation specialists

Contact the tax investigation specialists - DBE Tax Investigations. We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with both straight forward and complicated investigation claims.

We must state that these matters are never cleared up in a short space of time, so be prepared for long and sometimes protracted negotiations with HMRC.

Be prepared

You may have to produce documents, bank statements and any other papers that might relate to the Revenue's case against you. We also need copies of the same records to ensure they are correct and the entries have not been fraudently recorded, leading to the HMRC investigation. One way or another the truth will come about and the matter settled, either in your favour or in the Revenue's.

Tax costs

On most occasions the tax involved is not enormous, but with penalties and interest, the figure can grow to a large amount. So the quicker we are able to put the wheels in motion, the better it will be for you in the long run.

We can also deal with double taxation matters as well as domicile and residency. So once again, do not waste time in contacting us about your issue as it could cost you several thousands of pounds, if you delay.

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